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With the Kontur Infrared Body Wrap System your clients won’t be the only ones experiencing impressive figures.

Instant Profit Center: Whether you're a beauty salon, spa operator or an assisted exercise facility, Kontur can be one of your biggest profit centers, easily earning as much as $65 to $90 for each 50-minute session. Not only is the Kontur Far Infrared Body Wrap system affordable, it can pay for itself in less than three months with only six sessions per day based on a 20 day month. Attractive leasing is also available with a payback after only 6 to 8 sessions per month.

Minimal Staff Needed: The Kontur Far Infrared Body Wrap is very easy for existing staff to set up and use. Sessions are 60 minutes in duration – 10 minutes for the Kontur to reach operating temperature and 50 minutes client time. The Kontur only requires 5 to 10 minutes of staff time for every hour of operation. Your customer is wrapped tightly with the six form-fitting highly comfortable heated wraps. Once these are in place, your staff can go about other business while the customer enjoys their relaxing infrared session. Heat can be controlled at 6 individual points corresponding to each targeted area of treatment, to ensure client comfort. Training is simple and can be completed in 2 hours.

Formula For Success: With over 25,000 systems sold worldwide, the Kontur Far Infrared Body Wrap system has well and truly proven itself as a highly successful product. While our original German manufactured Kontur system is not new to the US market, overseas experience has shown that the flexibility of Kontur programs not only appeals to a wide range of potential customers but also has been very effective in generating repeat business. A number of operators have achieved significant success and have generated enough business to employ multiple machines in a single location.

"The Kontur Infrared Body Wrap System has added a new dimension and profit center to our business.  Our clients love it and we love what it has done for our bottom line.  Our Kontur systems rapidly paid for themselves and improved our cash flow in the off season."

Jim- Sun Salon & Spa

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